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Pivot screws pop off on which Gigand Spectrums?

Jan 27, 2000
I have a question regarding the pivot problems with the Gigand Spectrum. I don't own one, but the gf likes the design and the "pretty colors" so I might order one from Mike today. I was doing some research and read that the pivot screws have a tendency to work themselves loose. If the pivot screws fly off and the gf somehow cuts herself using it, I'll probably be sleeping on the street instead of the couch!

I was wondering if this problem is localized to the aluminum handle models or if the newer ones with carbon fiber handles suffer the same problem.


i think alot of the gigand knives have this problem and it's not just particularly the spectrum. i ordered a "titan" and had the same problem with it, i sent it back and got a benchmade. all of this can be avoided though.....a little blue lock tite will secure it and then your problem is solved, or you can put some teflon tape on it also, just be sure if you use the lock tite to find that special place you want that pivot screw to stay at! btw, that titan was the sharpest knife out of the box i have ever seen!
Thanks for the input. I just ordered a Titan, too... Hopefully the problem is just an isolated one!!

Gigand advertises that they don't employ a standard liner lock design in their knives. Perhaps their modified design puts too much stress on the pivot, causing it to loosen up prematurely.