Pix of new Allen Blade, Ogg and more

Feb 4, 1999
I've updated my website with new pix. As always its a work in progress but I hope everyone enjoys the site. Take a look.


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Alex, sorry just where exactly are the pics of these new knives?
Im sorry Phil should have been more specific. The newly added 3rd page of "Show and Tell" Let me know if its not coming up. Means I screwed something up!


My Knife Page
That AllenBlade knife sure looks good. Hard to believe what he charges for knives of that quality.

Stay Sharp,

Hey i like those pictures alot!! wish i could make them look like that. That first angled pic is really cool!!

Thanks Boriqua for adding the pictures and info about my 5 inch Satin combat patrol bowie i made you to your site, hope you enjoy the knife and it serves you well.

regards,,,,Allen Blade

Allen Blade
Spokane,WA USA

" You can make great knives and sell a few, Or make Great AFFORDABLE knives and sell many"
WEB SITE : http://www.geocities.com/bladecutlery/blade_cutlery_site001.htm
I saw the pics the knives look great. Allen I love the handle on your knife.
Whats pretty amazing to me about the handle Phill is that with colored spacers front and back, a double guard and the aluminum butt you can still drag your FINGER NAIL down the length from butt to guard or guard to butt and it wont catch at any of the transitions. Thats incredible tight fit !

Sid there is a wait for his knives but he dosent take a deposit and WHO could possibly argue with the price/value!!!

Thanks Kieth for the comments. The site is another sick manifestation of my knife addiction ... or another way in which to enjoy my hobby and love of fine craftsmanship .... you decide.
I thought about doing thumbnails instead of the Little Glasses thingy like I did on my work page (also in need of updating) http://home.att.net./~boriqua_a/
but the little glasses load so much faster and I for one love just poking around on a sunday lookin at knife pix so I figured others might also and they wouldnt mind not knowing exactly what they were going to see until they clicked it. Makes it easier to update as well. Glad you liked it. I cant really believe how many people have visisted since I put it up.


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Nice site! Love the photography! I like Allen's work and am torn, should I tell all he is great and suffer a longer wait? I have several of Allen's blades and his price to craftsmanship ratio can not be beat.