Pix of some Ek knives

Great Pictures. Where can you get Ek knives I like the knives but cant find them anywhere.
Nice pics Bald1

The one on top - did you, or some one re-shape the handle (is it wood, or plastic)? I have a BJ/EK like 3rd one down from the top, but is it bead blasted and has some spotting on the blade (it NIB, when I purchased it)....not matter, I plan on using it


Ray 'md2020'

Wow, I remember seeing a few of these knives in some catalog I found when I was like ten, if I ever need a fixed blade I will have to look at Ek first. Are they still in regular production?


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Nice collection of Ek bowies you have there. I've about the same number myself. A few the same - a few different.
My favorite is a single edge with a white micarta handle. A limited run exclusive to Cutlery Shoppe if I recall. I like that black on black one at the bottom, but was also curious about the handle on the top one. I don't recognize it.


Your difficulty in locating Ek knives is because the company no longer exists. It was purchased by Blackjack Knives, and then Blackjack went under. Damn shame.
I usually see a few various models for sale in A.G.Russell's consignment catalog, The Cutting Edge.

Effingham Knives. Effingham is a city in Illinos where Blackjacks and Ek's were made.
Ek stands for John Ek who started the company. He died in the 70's and later the Ek Commando Knife Company was born in Richmond Virginia. It was subsequently bought by Blackjack who has since gone bust. Gary Ek, John's son is said to be making knives out of Miami. I met him in the mid late 70's when he had a shop in St. Augustine.

Okay! The top Ek with that unique handle: It started life as the M-5I. Yes, that same white micarta handle exclusive from the Cutlery Shoppe (the original handle slabs are visable in the lower right). I had orders to the Gulf so the knife went to the Ek Custom Shop in Virginia for bead blasting (yeah I know... didn't know better then), tan teflon coating of all hardware, and special engraving on both sides of the blade. The handle I personally carved from a block of cocobolo. Inletted, it completely encloses the tang top and bottom. I sent a picture of it to Vince Signorelli who was the manager of Ek in Virginia who published it in the Ek collectors newsletter. Later they introduced a model with a fingergrooved handle but the remaining profile was squared. Mine is a one of a kind.


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Very neat Bob, I always liked the Eks I saw and never ended up with one, even though you could get them from the original Ek for about 100 bucks, standard model. Of course now I see the error of my ways
. Nice collection you've got.
My mistake... Coulda sworn I saw that etched on a blade once.....
Bob is correct. There are 3 major groupings of Ek knives, those made while John Ek was alive and owned the company, those made when the Military Historical Society owned the company and those made when Black Jack owned the company.

Of the John Ek made knives, I think there are 2 or 3 different groupings based on where Mr. Ek was making the knives with the last location being the Miami shop. He was a contemporary of Bo Randal and started making knives for young men going off to WWII. He continued making knives into the Vietnam era. After his death the company was sold twice.

I don't have any of the John Ek pieces, but I do have a couple of the Virginia Eks and a passle of the Black Jack Eks.

If anyone wants to buy or trade for any of the BJ Eks drop me a line.

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