Plain edge or serrated for EDC?

May 24, 2004
I'm planning to purchase a Spyderco Military in the near future as an EDC. It would do pretty light tasks such as cutting boxes and random objects. So, what are the advantages of having a plain edge or a serrated edge? And which one would be a better EDC blade?
Give a choice I ususally go for plan edge unless I'm planing on cutting things like rope and want to do it quickly. Plain edges seem to be somewhat easier to sharpen....
I'd get one of each eventually, but to start out, I'd go with a plain edge. It's more versatile and easier to sharpen.
I like SE for an EDC, alot of the guys here seem to prefer PE, which is cool, either way you are getting a superior tool with a shaving sharp edge out of the box. I was attracted to Spyderco designs initially for two reasons, I prefer the opening hole, can't get used to opening studs or top of the blade mounted discs. And the Spyderedge. I use my EDC as a general utility knife, opening and breaking down cardboard boxes, cutting string and rope etc. etc. I own alot of slipjoints, but nothing in IMHO cuts as well as a Spyderco SE. Either way Spyderco knives give you the security of lock strength, not to mention steel quality, customer service, warranty etc. Not having to sharpen a SE as often is a plus in my book, as I can get a little lazy at times, I admit it.

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Mili SE is my EDC - good choice - AND as a martial artist, it is my choice for MBC - fast opening and closing - just a flick and it's there.
I generally prefer my Spydies in SE (with the exception being my newly acquired Dodo PE). My emergency cutting tool is almost always serrated (a Spyderhawk at the moment).
The plain edge Dodo is going to be my utility cutter for a while to see if it stands up as well or better than it's SE counterpart. I've been using the serrated Dodo for several months on and off for utility, and it has performed admirably. The PE may just do the job with the reverse S shape slightly better.

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i have the black blade with combo edge (god, is she a pretty beast) and i find that with a blade this long, there are plenty of serrations to cut rope (which i have the pleasure of doing often) and yet a whol'lotta plain edge. i find that i sharpen the plain edge every couple of weeks but still have not had to touch the serrations. best of both worlds?


I prefer CE blades also. But your question was EITHER PE or SE...

Given the brief description of your "light duty tasks", I'd go PE. Now, if there will be no detailed cutting on your tasks, go should last forever in a light duty mode! LOL!
In the context of an EDC as a tool, and not as a weapon or ornament, I find SE the hands-down choice.

I am fortunate to possess two identical, C09S(E)s: one for work, the other for time off.

Both knives have these traits in common:
- G-2 stainless blades
- Used extensively on “soft” targets (e.g., cardboard boxes)
- Years of service to date: Approx. 10 (i.e., way too long to remember)
- Never sharpened beyond date of mfg
- Otherwise “reasonable” care/maintenance by owner

Either blade -- in its present, “unsharpened’ condition – would no doubt succeed in any box-cutting contest against a supposed PE “equivalent.”

Most likely by a landslide at that…

However, I should probably also mention that neither blade has any track record cutting (live) flesh. Which is to say, if you view *your* EDC as a so-called weapon, and you are thus, at sometime in future, compelled to carry a knife to a gunfight, you are then decidedly on your own.

As for ornamentation, I (almost) regret to say I understand…...completely.

I gotta agree with K and the combo edge. The mili has a long enough blade so both sections are of useful length. Though I gotta say I would probably buy and carry a pair of Delicas, enduras or salts for the light duty stuff you describe, one plain and one serrated. Best of both worlds and about the same cost as a mili. Don't get me wrong, I love the mili it just isn't what I think of as a light utility folder;-)>

whatever you decide enjoy.