plain edge vs combo edge

Dec 31, 2002
for self-defense/last resort emergency type of situations would i be better of with the plain edge bm mini-griptilian or the combo edge 50/50 (looks more like 60/40 or something) ?
plain is easier to sharpen i understand that. but having a little bit of serrated could come handy in certain emergency situations etc couldnt it? thanks for any comments on this.
I can't stand combo edges myself. I can understand that in certain situations a serrated edge can be very useful but mostly they just get in my way. If you're going to use the knife alot then serrated is probably not the way to go because it'll be a real pain to sharpen.

As for self defense, if you ever get into a situation where you need to use a knife to protect yourself I don't think the type of edge is gonna make that much difference aslong as it's sharp and has a point.

Others may disagree but there you have it.
I'm certain that there are people here who will disagree with me, but they are the worse of both worlds. I don't like serrations, but on a knife that is used to cut rope constantly a fully serrated blade makes sense. A combo edge doesn't give me enough of either a plain edge or serrrated edge. There must be people out there who like them since companies still make them.
darkhelmet, just do a search for "serrated plain unserrated" and you will come up with several threads discussing this. I looked at em all before buying my spyd milli, as I had the same question that you had, and in the end I opted for the PE. I doubt that I will ever be trapped in my car underwater (don't tempt fate!) with a seatbelt that does not disengage, so that aside, the PE works the best for most chores, including SD... you don't see military special forces, SWAT teams, or assasins (guessing on that one) carrying SE. Plus, most of the dinosaurs here at BF choose PE, I have noticed, and most newbies choose SE or CE. Even though # of posts does not necessarily denote wisdom or common sense, there is definitely a correlation with experience.
thanks ive done a search for it now, main reason for posting was that i was more sd/emergency oriented thats why i consider a serrated edge... most seem to find it bad because of their daily work around the house etc so that doesn't really apply here.
right now im considering a fully serrated blade for sd... i wrote a post on it in practical tactical section...
I can't stand combo edges on knives because they always seem to get in the way when I seriously need to use the plain edge portion of the knife. Personally, if and when I need a serrated edge, I would rather carry a fully serrated folder and also carry a plain edged folder for everyday tasks. There is no doubt that serrations do a better job at cutting through tough fibrous material, but I feel that they are limited only to specialised use, not everyday use. I do own several combo edge folders, but they do not see as much use from me as do my plain edge folders.
Maybe you should re-think the whole issue starting with your choice of the model. The Mini Griptilian is a very utilitarian knife, maybe you'd be better off with an AFCK. Oh, and you'd be better off buying a plain one IMO. ;)
Frankly I think this question have been beaten to death.
Most of the people who belongs to the plain edge camp (myself included) believes that most folders are too small to have an effective combo edge.
If you're carrying it for self-defence or emergency only, where you won't do daily tasks, fully serrated knives are fine. Note that Plain edge can do anything that serrated edge can do, but it's not true for the other way around.
I've found that the combo edges are quite useless in 99% of situations. It leaves you with either too little straight edge, or too little serrated edge. I have found nothing a wickedy sharp plain edge won't cut and a serrated edge will, even seatbelts. Sometimes the serrated portion of the blade will catch on things, ruining the stroke of the cut(momentum), not what I'd want in an emergency situation.
I used to like CE blades. However, I am pretty much sold on PE. I think they are best for everyday use and are more than capable of handling the unforeseen emergency/SD situations that may occur.
Plain edge, I’ve used plain edged knives for almost 2 years now and never came across an instance where I found myself saying, Man a serrated edge would sure be handy, but that’s just me...:p