Plasti Dip

Jan 22, 1999
FYI -- For anyone not familiar with it, Plasti Dip is an easily applied flexible rubber coating, available in several colors and sold in larger hardware stores. (Home Depot carries it in NY.) A single coat is all it should take for a pocket clip. (I just coated the clip from a Gigand Guardian sheath to improve its hold for IWB carry.) Multiple coats work very well to build up skeleton handles. Just work slowly and follow the package directions for best results.

Great results aside, one of the nice things is the ease with which it can be undone if you don't like the results. Once dry, it's easy to slit and peel off without leaving residue or damaging the original finish.

Feb 9, 1999
Brian, cool idea! I have used it for years, but never really thought about doing that. I'm gonna try it.....Thanx man!! I know just the knife!