Please can you produce more flamed titanium pens.... Please!

Mar 1, 2015
I recently lost my flamed titanium extreme duty pen and I'm gutted :mad: it had been my favourite* pen for over a year.
I have bought a replacement extreme duty in stonewashed titanium but I still really miss my flamed version.

I have also bought 3 investigators, aluminium camo, steel DLC dark earth and a flamed titanium version from another forum.

Hopefully if enough people ask nicely then Rick will bring back the flamed titanium versions of these fantastic pens

* I have other custom / production tactical pens but the Hinderer extreme duty is perfect for me.
Oct 19, 1998
If you look carefully at all the authorized dealers on the list, I know there's some flamed Investigator pens out there and I _think_ there may be one or two flamed Extreme Duty pens as well (can't say for certain, because it wasn't what I was seeking and it's been a few weeks since I "made the rounds"). As far as new production, though, I believe Rob said a while back that they were doing a few last flamed Ti items (like the last handful of flamed beads), and then they were unofficially discontinuing the flamed finish.

If they do, in fact, do anything more, I'd love a flamed Ti flat end attachment to go with my flamed Ti Investigator pen (I thought I'd heard there'd be a few more of those in the last batch, but I never saw any).
Oct 13, 2010
I would also love this. I can't believe I discovered these so late in the game. I can't find any flamed Ti pens of either size anywhere. :(