please compare

Dec 3, 2003
I'm thinking 'bout buying a new folder. I would like to know what your opinions on these knives are...

1) Benchmade 551 Large Griptilian
2) Kershaw storm 2
3) SOG Flash 2
4) Spyderco calypso jr

I like my knife to be plain edge, and I also care a lot about the sturdyness of the design. How do these knives compare?

Looking forward to hear from ya'all!
those are 4 VERY differnt knives, if you want sturdy BM 551 Grip is hands down best.
Blade dependes what you want to use it for, Calypso jr. is smallest and lightest but it has best steel and edge geometry for edc type uses.
Storm 2 and Flash 2 are more similar in size to BM551 but 551 is much much better- lock, steel, over all sturdy build .
I think real choice is between BM551 and Calypso Jr, I liek Calypso Jr better but depends what you are looking for. 551 is much more sturdy.
Get the Benchmade 551...Ya just can't beat the Axis-lock, or the fact that it is totally ambidextrious.
The Calypso jr. is one of Spyderco's most popular offerings - and that sure does say something! The full flat grind cuts like there's no tomorrow.