Please help ID a Schrade

Aug 20, 2004
Hi All,

I picked up this knife for a couple of dollars at a garage sale. I wanted to know what I got. I'm not expecting anything great, just a user.

The blade had been abused pretty bad. I touched it up a bit on my lansky and it seems to be decent. Because of the condition it's in I'm not afraid to use it at work for whatever needs cutting.

Any input on what it is and its designed purpose would be appreciated.

Thank you.




Is it marked 182 on the blade.If so it is a bud or pruning knife.You can check the search function on this forum for more information.I use mine for heavy cutting from time to time.Well made knife.Arnold
Wow, it does...

I didn't even see that 'til I just looked really close. You can barely make it out because of the discoloration.

I was only able to read the Schrade USA on the other side.

The material is some sort of plastic? Do you know the steel type?

Thank you.

BTW- Is there something I can use to remove the discoloration other than abrasives?

Thanks -Coop
Great little knives if you ask me. They have a good strong spring and a nice snap, good multi-purpose user knife. They clean up nice too.
...The material is some sort of plastic? Do you know the steel type?...

The covers would be Delrin, a Dupont acetal resin. Earlier ones were made with celluloid, and ebony wood. The steel is 1095HC high carbon cutlery steel. You can try Flitz polish for non abrasiveness, but since the blade is already scratched, and you intend to use it, I'd recommend just using superfine wet or dry sandpaper (the gray stuff) wrapped around a dowel to keep it flat to the blade surfaces. As the paper wears, it gets a bit finer, until a near polish is achieved. For best results, go only in one direction. It takes a bit of time and effort, but you can do it during a TV show as it does not take that much close constant attention, just a lot of repetative hand motion.

PS- Schrade refered to this pattern horticultural knife as a grafting knife.
For the area at the end of the blades on a user knife I use an emory board.If it is bad,as yours appears to be, I use the course side then use the fine side to dress it.I do it only on users as it will leave small scratches.Arnold
Thank you all for the info.

I plan to use it and may end up using your suggestions to polish it. If the results are worthy, I'll post.

Thanks again -Coop