Please Help me Identify These 110s

Jan 1, 2006
I recently bought two brand new in the package Buck 110 Folding Hunters along with leather sheaths from a lady who along with her husband owned a small general store that sold various groceries and outdoor supplies to hunters, campers and river rafters somewhere along the Brazos river here in Texas. Anyway, her husband passed away in 1991 and she closed the store some years later. She has quite a few things that were left over from the store that she has been selling off in garage sales and what not and this is where I found the two new in the package 110s. She doesn't how long they had them before closing the store and I would like to get some idea od what year they were made and what kind of blade steel they have. They both came with sheaths that say Buck across the flap when folded down as well as on the button, and on the blade of each knife it says Buck 110 and the 110 is followed by what looks like a backwards C. Do you guys have any idea when they were made?
Would need good hi resolution pic of the knife and closeup of the blade stampings to be able to say for sure what you have.
Okay, I will see what I can do as far as pictures go. The only thing stamped on the blades is Buck 110 and a backwards C after the 110 which I assume makes them 1996 models. If they are indeed 1996 models what is the blade steel?