Please help me out in choosing sharpening system

Nov 17, 2001
I usually sharpen free handedly using DMT benchstone and Norton India Fine stone with excellent result. Not hair whittling sharp, because I do not need that kind of sharpness. Now I'm looking for a sharpening system set for the sake of fulfilling my curiosity. My choices fell on these :

- Lansky Deluxe Diamond Sharpening System


- Apex Model Edge Pro Sharpening System, Apex 2 Kit

As I understand it, both will sharpen at precise angle. Which of those 2 would you guys recommend ?

Thanks for the suggestion, I really appreciate it.
I hear that the Edge Pro Apex is excellent but somewhat pricey. I get good, sharp edges(hair whittling) with DMT aligner kit.
If you like the way your freehand edge cuts stick with it, that perfect edge from a jig looks good but does not cut as well as one done by hand. If you want better and sharper get more DMT stones.

because I do not need that kind of sharpness

So you like dull knives? ;)
I have the Apex, and it is awesome. Spendy, yes, but its easy and it puts on a killer edge as sharp as you want it to be.
I have nothing good to say about the Lansky system. Why I owned one for 10 years, I will never know.

Get the EdgePro. It'll be worth it.


Paper Wheels, are the only way to go. Just to mention for those of you of you that are afraid of the speed of the wheeles and the steel getting to hot that you can get at H.F. a router speed control for about 20.00 bucks that works great. Gives you total control of your buffer speed.

Like comparing apples and oranges...
The Apex system will sharpen ANY size blade to ANY angle, to ANY degree of perfection you wish to finish at.
It costs more, but it does more.

Thanks much guys. I guess I'm gonna go with the Apex. I want to know how sharp it can sharpen my knives. You guys rock !

knifenut : nope, I don't like my knives to be too sharp. i'll be okay as long as my knives can whittle a strand of hair. that's not too much to ask, is it ? ;)
Whats a Stitchawl?

but seriously, if you already get excellent results from your current system, why would you drop $$$ for an Edge Pro?

I use Smiths Diamond stones and a Spyderco Sharpmaker. Poor substitute for an Edge Pro though
curiosity killed the cat, and curiosity made me spend unnecessary $$$ :D

beside, i can always sell it if i decide not to keep the apex.