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Please, look at our knives

Aug 20, 1999
we would like to invite you to visit our site





I looked at your offerings on your web site and was very impressed with the "DEERS", "WILD HOG" and "SKINNER". The later says stainless woots...you mean wootz damascus?

What are the prices for these models. You have no pricing information on your web site.

What company/firm would you use to ship your knives out of Russia?

Bald, we are not yet decide to show prices at web pages, some of those knives are already sold, of course we can manufacture another one, but will be different, since all our knives are eclusive and have no exact copies.

Stainless woots have in mind hot forging and fusion of the many layers of stainless steel.

Prices: Deers:$1,440 Skinner:$890
Wild hog has been already sold, as I wrote, we can manufacture another knife with the this motif.

Please, contact me by email, and we'll discuss shipping method.

Regards, Oleg
I liked the pictured knives a lot, especially the one pictured above the tantos...I forget what it was called, but the pattern pleases my eyes!
I found the Basko logo in the right corner that follows the screen when scrolling to be highly annoying, though. Plus it obscures the photos of your gorgeous work!

My Custom Kydex Sheath pagehttp://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Lab/1298/knifehome.html
Palmer College of Chiropractic
On Two Wheels
Lovely knives, excellent engraving.

Also, as a firearms collector, love the link to the AK page
Just toured the site. Congratulations on some wonderful works of art. Would be interested in knowing more about steel and other materials.