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Please post for a RAT-5 in D2

Jun 12, 2006
Calling all Ontario fans. We need your help. If you don't own an Ontario (like the famous RAT-3), then they are sure worth a "look-see".

Please post if you would like to see an Ontario RAT-5 in D2. After a couple of weeks or so, I'll put a link to this thread on the Ontario forum on that "other knife forum". Ontario says they have doubts about interest in a RAT-5 in D2. I would like to help quench those doubts. I love my RAT-3 and RAT-7 in D2 and would really like to see a RAT-5 in D2. Same handle and same coating. It's only logical to me. I would buy one, for sure.

Could we make this a "sticky" for a few weeks so it stays at the top of the list?

Thank for any support.

I like the RAT-5 best of all..... the blade and handle lengths are perfect (for me). Only problem is, I want D-2......NOT 1095 carbon steel. It doesn't seem to make sense to make a 3 and a 7 in D-2, and leave the RAT-5 out of the picture.
I am good with D2 but more than that I would like to see the option of good solid leather sheaths for these fixed blade knives. From all manufacturers... I would welcome the extra $$ needed to have leather rather than kydex or cordura. I wear my fixed blade knives as EDC's and I have to have leather made special for most of todays fixed knives. Work with me here guys!!!!
Definately put me down for one (RAT-5 in D2). Also, be sure ON-Tactical has one of their Kydex sheaths similar to their TAK-1 shealth available. Love mine.
Ron Athay
babakanoosh45, do you make your own sheaths or have them made? And if you have them made for you, whats the price and who do you have make them?
Btt for a few more vote more posts in favor of a RAT-5 in D2.

With all the RAT-3 lovers out there, doesn't a RAT-5 in D2 tickle you fancy any?

I really like Rat5 in D2 too, and I have my plan to buy it next month.[waiting for Ontario]
By the way, I have Rat 7 in D2 and I love it so much.

Because I have no time to take a picture of my Rat 7, So I link this picture from Ebay. Thanks Ebay too.
I'll sign up for the Rat-5 in D2. Haven't got enough D2, anyway!!

And the Rat-5 is just about the right size for me...
I have a RAT-7 in D2. I would buy a RAT-5 in D2. 1095 is an OK steel but I like D2.
I have a RAT-7 in D2 and would definately buy a RAT-5 (D2) if Ontario/Randall produces one.
How do these knives stack up against something like a Swamp Rat?
How do these knives stack up against something like a Swamp Rat?

That might be a good question for a new thread instead of getting into a discussion in this one.

My short answer for this thread is: although I have never done any comparison testing, I think the D2 models would "stack up" very well. Price differential is also a major consideration for me.