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Please Read: A special birthday present from you!

Sep 23, 1999
Ah yes, I am soon to have another Birthday. On January 24th I'll be having ice cream cake and opening a few presents.

Which brings me to you (all 8 000 plus of you!) What I would like is for you to post something informative on this thread and I'll print off the thread and put it in my binder where I keep knife stuff from the internet!!! That would be a great present from my friends here on Bladeforums!!!!!

What kind of info? Well, whatever is on your mind, but gimme your best. Hints on what to look for when buying knives, thoughts on dagger points versus tanto points, steel choices, blade design, sharpening tricks, tactics, consealex carry options, handle design, Randall knives, whatever! These are just some suggestions.

I will let you know that I am a newbie knife maker and I am interested in fighting knives, so if you don't have anything in particular in mind right now you can post along those lines!

This will be a very special present for me, as this forum has been wonderful to me. Please post often. I wouldn't mid if we use up all of the bandwidth!

P.S., I will accept all knife making materials, knife books, knives and other knife related materials graciously and with excited appreciation!!!!

And no, those who guess my soon-to-be age DO NOT get to pick a knife from my small collection!

"Come What May..."

Happy Birthday!! I just had my 34th on December 28th. I got a full body activated charcoal scent suit for deer hunting. I got it as an early present and it was integral in me getting another 10 point buck. Anyway, on to the knife content. I feel that the CRKT Crawford/Kasper Fighting Folder is THE best buy in a fighting knife. As for the steel, it makes no difference since your defensive knife shouldn't be used for everyday tasks anyway and it will always be sharp if God forbid you need it.

Take care and I think you are 29.

Jim McCullough


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Happy birthday. The best production knife right now that I have found is the LCC. I dislike american tanto points. If you are going to make knives you should talk to Luke. He started making knives at like 13 and even built his own forge and grinders. His address is cyclebiker@hotmail.com I have owned 3 of his blades. One was my daily carry for over a year! That is saying a lot for me. Well that's all. Thank you for helping make BFC the great place it is. See ya around.

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May your knives always be sharp.
Happy birthday

The more I learn about knives, the more I realize that a good utility knife and a good fighting knife needn´t be a contradiction, but the elements should rather complement themselves in a good design.
"Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right" sez Ani Difranco, I kinda like that quote.
Happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday Crayola,!
Being a budding knifemaker and mainly a budding swordmaker. I really find 5160 steel a nice starting place as far as making knives goes. It can be had at your local automotive spring shop for dirt cheap and is nice knife steel. I tend to try to find all components for my sword and knife projects locally at odd places. Hope your knifemaking is fun and satisfying. Have a great Birthday!!
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Crayola:

P.S., I will accept all knife making materials, knife books, knives and other knife related materials graciously and with excited appreciation!!!!

Crayon, you have my warmest wishes.
I've got a birthday coming up before you do and I look at as just one year closer to taking a dirt nap.

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Happy Birthday Crayola!
For your birthday I offer the following lessons learned. I present them as fact, but I know there will be those who disagree with me. I can live with it.

1. Save the Stainless steel for art knives.
User blades need to CUT not look pretty.
2. Leave the sawteeth (not all that common anymore.) for the art knives, they reduce the utility of any knife by at LEAST 50 percent.
3. The handle should fit the hand well and slip not at all when gripped properly. If it MUST slip, let it slip forward. That's part of what quillons are for.
4. A sharpened false edge is a wonderful thing, but don't get carried away. Daggers are nearly useless for fighting or utility.

Well, there it is, the wit and wisdom garnered from 39 years of stumbling about on Planet Earth, and every single bit of it arguable.
Happy Birthday, may you have many more!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!
My advice: if you don't already have one, seriously look into getting a CRK Sebenza. I held off for two years because I couldn't come to terms with the price--it's worth it! Now I've got two of 'em and working on a third.

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Thanks all so far. These posts are wonderful. 2.5 weeks left!

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Hey Happy birthday Crayola

For some really cheap knife making material (espically for practice) Walk near the railroad tracks, and pick up as many railroad spikes as you can. It would help when forging.

oh and usuially Borders would have about 2 maby 3 books on knife making (and if your lucky the McVoy books on knife throwing), I have cleared out the knife making books at the stores near my area.

I'm not that good at tempering, but I'm still trying to get it right.
Happy Birthday Crayola!
A trick i`ve used to put the finishing touch on the edges of my knives is to strop the edge on the back of an old notepad that has some jewelers rouge rubbed onto it.It polishes the edge and gives it that hair popping quality so beloved by knife knuts the world over.