please recommend a pocket sharpener

Oct 24, 2004
I would like to have a sharpener for use in the field, on trips, etc.

For my main sharpener I have a Sharpmaker.

Most of my blades are S30V at this point anyway.

DMT makes a dual-grit sharpener called the Duofold. I have a single grit sharpener in this style and it's great. It won't put the same kind of razor edge on a blade that the Sharpmaker will, but it works fine to touch up an edge that's dull or chipped. Those diamonds will make short work of S30V too. :)
I carry a Sterling in my wallet and don't even know it's there. Use it only for touch-ups.

Well, I have the DMT duofold, and it will put an edge back on a knife that has been really dulled, and it eats S30V, D2, whatever, for breakfast. I also have the Spyderco double-sided stone for finer edge work. Depends on what you will be using them for--how dull you expect the knife to get while in the field. Or, you could just carry them both.
I have the 702MF pocket stones, they've been my EDC sharpeners for over a year now. They're small enough to comfortably carry in a pocket if you want, I usually carry mine in a small shoulder bag. They're great for touchups and can produce a really nice edge. For carrying them around I find it good to keep a white vinyl eraser with them, it works great for cleaning them up when you're done. I'd get them while you still can since they've been discontinued.
I have the DMT Duofold, a couple in fact. They fit well in the pocket on the sheath, are very light, and do a heck of a job on anything I've done to my blade. The diamond grit does'nt even flinch at D2. Highly recomended.
Another vote for the DMT Duo Fold. I keep one in my backpack. Red/Green (fine/ultra fine). If you're doing field work, you might want to go with one of the coarser grits.
The type of Duofold I carry is the tapered rod model. I have found that it is a bit more versatile if you have serrated or recurved edges. While I am not a fan of such edge shapes, I have found on many occassions the need to sharpen blades that belong to friends. And since I am true to plain edge blades I most often carry a fine (red) grit EZE LAP diamond dust credit card sharpener. Yup, same size as a credit card that comes in a vinyl sleeve. Fits right into your wallet.

Will said:
Have you guys tried those keychain DMT ones?
they work pretty good but i prefer the model from DMT that you can carry in your wallet. it is the same sharpener as the keychain only without the key ring and flip over case.

those triangle ceramic rods with the black rubber end caps are really good too. i think they are made by GATCO
witchhunter said:
those triangle ceramic rods with the black rubber end caps are really good too. i think they are made by GATCO
Gatco Tri-Seps. You can get ceramic or diamond coated.
EdgePal Sharpening System is constructed by outdoor people for outdoor people, look at and see if this is what you like to have.

EdgePal is the most advanced sharpening system in the world today and can sharpen both straight and convex edges with perfect control off the sharpening angle.

I have DMT Diasharp diamond sharpeners, the small 4 inch ones, in coarse, fine, and extra-fine. They all work quite well.

For a general purpose small sharpener I would choose the Diasharp in fine grit.
Will said:
Have you guys tried those keychain DMT ones?

I have the coarse and the fine.
They work well, but I need to get the ultra fine one, as the fine is really medium in my book.

Also I think a plain flat stone would pack better and you could bring a larger/longer surface.
Chucklehead answered this question about as well as it can be answered. More seriously, I wonder how many people still carry a small, pocket sized carborundum stone. About 25 years ago, I stopped by an old trapper's house one morning. He was just coming in with his catch. While we were talking, he pulled a small carborundum stone from his pocket and made a few passes on it with his knife (a Case Muskrat with CV blades-I remember because I bought one just like it a couple of weeks later.) He hung a 'coon up and took the hide off just like it had zippers. I can guarantee you this guy never heard of EdgePro's, Sharpmakers, or the like, but he had a sharp knife. The bevels were probably not perfect, or the edge the absolute best. But it was the right edge for what he was doing. Bet his big knifes were also sharpend on a carborundum bench stone or an old oil stone. I would imagine he paid about $.35 for the little pocket stone at the local feed store. Or they gave it to him. By the way, they are about three bucks now at the Home Depot. I have one I carry on my limited trips afield, and they still work. Vaquero
How easy is it to maintain a constant angle with things like the DMT duofold? It seems to be a popular pocket sharpener for quick field touch-ups, esepcially with the double sided ones, but would someting like this:

give better results? Mind you there is only the one angle to work with which may not be the same as already on the knife and only the one grit. Lansley also have their Fold-A-V sharpener which is suppose to be simple to use.