Please review my Colt AR-15-K Lockback by UC

Frost Police Folder II.

Chang the Asian Janitorial Apparatus
And that's why Chang is a custom knifemaker! How's the LCC coming, Chang? I really miss the pics of your handiwork!


HankS, I recently finished a SOCOM with Changmascus handles for a raffle by the MN knife knuts meeting. I'm shipping it to the winner tommorrow. Also, I've finished the Cold Chang [George W.] Bush-man made from a wooden ruler, that is being shipped to Elvislives soon (he should have gotten a cardboard knife long ago, but I made it out of wood as payment for the fact that it is about 2 months late!). And... the LCC got finished long ago. Urban camouflage Changmascus handles.



Chang the Asian Janitorial Apparatus
If you want to find a real sleeper check out Colonial. This old US make is still able to produce a good stockman for well under $10 dollars. Workmanship is much better than on the imports in that price range. Nothing Fancy - just a workman's knife.

As for the Colt AR15K, well we all have to start somewhere. Stay with the cheaper knives until you have figured out what you like, and then consider getting a good high quality example. There is nothing worst then dropping alot of money on the wrong knife.