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Please share your ankle/boot sheath rig.

Jan 9, 2006
I'm wondering what you guys consider to be the best method of carrying a small fixed blade on one's ankle or shoe. Leather, kydex, clips, straps, laces? Bear in mind I live in hot humid weather so I want it to work even with short top laceless shoes. Help me out. Pictures would be great but desciptions work just fine.
Kydex & Elastic straps, like the Boker Ti-Mariner.
Extrema ratio also has a nice system (for fixing bigger knives to upper leg, but with a bit of creativity you can adapt it for ankle use).
c'mon guys. i want specifics. how do you physically attach your sheath to your ankle or shoe?

Well... I phisically wrap the rubber straps around my ankle an close the buckles until I hear click. (Boker Ti Mariner):D

My E-R knives are too big, but the smaller models are easier to fix. E-R uses elastic straps with velcro.
Cool. Thanks. That rig is pretty self explanatory, but it seems really bulky. Anyone else want to share their boot knife rig? I'm sure most are more minimalist.
Hey Guys...


The only ankle rig that I actually like is the rig that comes with the K-BAR Ankle knife...

It has a nice wide nylon cuff with velcro closures...


I've seen rigs with double straps of either rubber material or nylon,, and they always seem to slide down and bunch up..

To me,, this is unacceptable for an ankle rig...

This is the first rig that I've seen that is near a traditional revolver ankle rig, and gets my vote.....
However I should say,, I'd rather have the actual sheath on the inside..


YMMV, but I just use my Renegade pistol ankle rig sans BU gun and clip my Guardian in it.

IMO, Renegade is the finest, most comfortable ankle rig made, many LEOs across the country use 'em.