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Please ..... STOP

Feb 4, 2000
I haven't been around here for that long but I gotta ask please stop with the dumb ass What do knife makers _____? posts. Ok so some don't agree with Para letting the car one get by. Fine I didn't either, so I skipped over it and read something else. I'm still doing that now with all the other posts that came after it, but I'm just getting tired of sorting through them. This place gets new members and people lurking all the time that may have some good info to share but they may not stick around if they think this is what goes on here. If this would have been my first time on this forum I would have thought that it was a bunch of stupid kids and would have never given this place a second look. Luckly I showed up at a much better time and have learned alot. Please lets move on and talk knives again. As for knife content I don't have any for this post. Para if you have to move this post I'm not going to complain.

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I agree. Come on, guys. Let's have fun, but enoughs enough. Meant in all good faith.
Thanks Brad. I guess this is what I'm going to do. I will let all these new stupid threads stand until tommorow morning sometime. Everyone can stop creating new stupid threads, and stop posting to the ones already on the board, and I will have to do Nothing. They will simply slide down the list and die by themselves.

Or, I will simply lock All of these threads down (including the 'car' thread), and everyone can start complaining about the dozen or so locked threads tommorow. That might be good entertainment for the weekend. So, what do YOU want to do?

This is pretty juvenile folks. To a large extent, I need the help of EVERYONE to make this forum a fun place to be. I am sorry if some think my tolerance of the knifemakers car thread was wrong. I just tried to let one slide guys. I knew some would disagree. I am just trying to take a lower profile and avoid criticism for being Too Zealous. Geez. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

If I lock or move Any thread, I take some crap from someone. One stupid pointless thread among many can be ignored. Starting a half dozen Other stupid threads just makes All of us look stupid. None of you guys starting these new stupid threads emailed me to complain. You just decided to make your point in a way that you thought would embarass me the most. Well, it's not working.

Every moderators decision is a Judgement call. My judgement, not yours. I try really hard to be tolerant and fair. I thought that was obvious. Jumping all over me for NOT locking things down is a new twist.

If you disagree with something I say or do, please let me know in some constructive manner. I am open to suggestion via email or in public threads if BFC policy needs to be discussed. But this stuff is Stupid.

Thanks for all the help guys. You can stop, or not. Your choice.


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BTT. You guys are seriously being juvenile with these threads. Why not move all the "off topic" threads to community?

Hey, that's a cool idea!! Hey Para, move all of those junk threads to community and let V.G. deal with them

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Brad1407, I agree completely with you.
Para, please lock these stupid topics. If people do not have reasonable self control, then it is time for intervention, that is why you are here. We will support you.
For this type of threads there is another place on this forum, so the 'funny' folks should be not offended.
I am curious to see if folks Can exercise a little self control. Locking all of them right now would only invite more new stupid threads. Or discussions about overmoderation, or unfairness, or discrimination, etc.

Moving them is pointless, they are too stupid even for the community forum. And the move function is about 50/50 for me lately. Half the time, the move does not work and the thread ends up being a link to a 'thread does not exist' message.

So far, there has been no recent action in the 'stupid' threads. If it stays that way, they will go away by themselves. If not, I will start locking them all sometime later tonight (AM). I prefer to do nothing because I am lazy, and it is probably the best course of action right now.

We shall see what happens.

Paracelsus, watching
You have to wonder why these things always seem to get so out of hand. If you don't like the thread then ignore it, or have some fun with it. It's really nothing to get so juvenile about.
So let's take a deep breath, and then move on and get back to knives.

Keith .
Once they finish their naps and have their diapers changed they will , unfortunately , be back.

Be a little tolerant and show that you have a sense of humour and everyone tries to take advantage of you. That is life Para.
Personally, I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape when a thread gets locked. I've always figured the moderator's discretion was just that, and whining about it was pointless.


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And tomorrow when you wake up it will be worse.
For me, this has been a long, tough day. I saw these idiotic threads, and laughed out loud. I don't see anything wrong with a little romp. It's nice to see that some of us don't take ourselves too seriously. Thanks to the demented ones that started this trend. Those that take this hobby to the "Gravest Extreme" need to spend more time at work. That will allow the rest to have fun, as I believe, was the initial intention of this board.
I'm with you Para! BTW I'm asking a serious question about denim jeans. I need to get some ideas. Not F-ing with anyone or your forum.

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Para, I personally am impressed with the self restraint and judgement you have used with the situation thus far. Your solution sounds like a good idea to me, it gives the offenders a chance to straighten up without you having to go crazy on them. I just want to make sure you know not everyone is against you on this. Moderating the General forum is a tough job for sure.
If I were Moderator here, this post would've been locked due to its lack of nudity.

Searching for those pics of my pants-party,
I remain,
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PS - Parafarenheit, feel free to move 'em to Community. I'd be happy to have one of the other Moderators (not Jim... he's busy) deal with 'em!

PSS - Lock the posts and ignore the whines.

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i´m serious into knives,
but what will live look like without a little fun?
Get serious - HAVE FUN !!!


Get serious! Have fun!

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Please stop! How about "Get a Life". So what if someone wants to know what knifemakers drive. I thought it was interesting. Cars are an extension of one's personality just like the knives we own or plan to own. These forums are for fun and the best way to share information about our great hobby. This is a great guy's forum. I mean guys care about knives, cars, watches, sports and other things. The microholics forum talks about different things all the time and everybody likes it. Granted we should not have people talking about what car to buy or what stereo to own on a knife forum. That is why forums for those topics exist. But what is the harm in occasionally crossing the topics over as they relate to the knife community?
To actually sit down and write out a complaint about this is rather pathetic don't ya think?