Plunge Cuts

Apr 20, 2002
Hello All:

How do you guys get your plunge cuts so sharp looking? Mine usually seem to round out a bit and don't look nice and sharp like I see on pics posted on here. Also, what is the best way to go about sanding such a tight area? All answers will be greatly appreciated.


Bob Jensen
Don't grind the plunge completely with the rougher grit belts. It's just easier for the finer belts to flex around the edge of the contact wheel. Leave a little room for clean up with with a 180 or even a 240 grit belt. That way the grind will look a lot sharper.
If you want perfect lines, and you have center scribed your edge, set a file guide where you want your lines and file them in with a parallel round file to your edge lines, leaving the line about 3/32" short of the spine. Then grind the blade bevels carefully blending at the file cuts. Use a file the diameter of the steel thickness, and a sandpaper wrapped dowel to finish out the file marks. Can't miss if you can file true. This also works with hollow grinding, but the blending has to be more carefully done.
Thanks guys for the great responses. I'll give 'em a try. Always been troubled by getting clean lines as I'm sure most makers are. I'm sure it comes with lots of practice and tons of patience. Thanks again and looking forward to gaining more knowledge.

Bob Jensen