Pocket Hobbit...Wow!!!

Oct 17, 1998
Just received a Pocket Hobbit. Talk about a vicious letter opener. Ouch!!!

As Crocodile Dundee said,
"Now that's a knife"

--Sorry, just couldn't contain myself.

you bet..the pocket Hobbit is REALLY cool..soft and furry it ain't! The pocket Hobbit deploys like lightening and allows one to close the gap REALLY fast..
REKAT makes some outrageous knives.There is nothing mundane about a pocket Hobbit.
Enjoy it!
Yeah when I have the discretionary cash I will get one of those.

Played with one extensively at a Cutlery store locally.

Very cool.

Weigh in with your thoughts on the Worker 2000.

One may want to keep an Eye out for my review of the Bob Kasper designed, Kevin Gentile modified AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper. Sorry about the wait, my review and interview should be online shortly, look for it right here at BladeForums.com. The delay has been getting pictures, luckily Spark has graciously offered to do the pictures. Knife writer I may be, photographer I am not, yet.

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There's no arguing over taste. To repeat a rant that I've ranted before, no Hobbit in J.R.R. Tolkein's universe would have owned one. A curved black knife with a toothy edge and an eye emblam on it would have been carried by an Orc of the Dark Tower.

Wow Im glad you enlightned us. No wounder we get no orders from Middle Earth or maybe it's because it dosnt exist hmmmm. What do you sell Hobbits? I bet we wont get many orders for Carnivours from Carnivours either.

Bob Taylor
Hobbits of the more adventurous nature tend to like long knives of Elvish origin. If you have any of these I'd be interested as well.



I own a Pocket Hobbit, and must say this is the most vicious looking and toughest folder I own.

The Axis is cool and will not fold, the CS gunsight is large and has a very strong lock, but the Pocket Hobbit is built to get in a fight and the lock is second to none.

I take mine out and people are set back and say WHATS THAT --- IS IT LEGAL?

Thanks Bob for making a great knife, I'll be buying more of your products !!!!

Roger the Pocket Hobbit. One of the best knives out there.
Rob, did you get the new one with the side release? Or do you have the old style release?

The side release is awsom on the Pioneers. I haven't received my new versions of the PH yet, but when I do, I expect them to be even better sellers than the old style.

Bob, How about retrofit kits for the old style REKATS? Especially the PHs? I know that I could sell/install them if they become available. I had a customer ask about that just today in the store. Think about it.

James.......Say what??????

Only Sharp Knives are Interesting!

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If one makes a knife and names it for a fictional inhabitant of a well-developed fantasy universe, one must expect a diverse comment or three, based on the traditions and prejudices of that world.

What do I sell Hobbits? They tend to buy small fixed blade knives in the tradition of the northwest corner of Eurasia, which roughly overlays their corner of Middle Earth. Puukkos and such. Of course, they pay in the coin of the Shire, and my mundane bank doesn't know what to do with it.

If this thread is anything close to a representative sample of hard-core knife people, it looks like customers for the Pocket Hobbit are real world humans who pay in dollars or other convertable currency.

The Hobbits I've talked to (fictional beings in fictional conversation, of course) have also had problems with such relatively conventional knives as a Benchmade 812SBT, at least until I explain that the black coating is for corrosion resistance if one ventures past the Tower Hills toward the sea, and the serrations are useful if you have a long rope and need a short one. High-tech folders, are, in any case, a bit of a mystery to most Hobbits, whose tastes are rather conservative.

Are the prejudices of Middle Earth logical? Maybe no more than the prejudices of the real world. In the modern real world, both good guys and bad guys use the same weapons. To my mind, perhaps because martial arts are not my department, the REKAT Pioneer looks much more intersting than the Pocket Hobbit. Likewise the Carnivore, which looks carnivorous, but I think I could do work with it.

But Middle Earth cutlery prejudices are nothing like what I run into in the real world, where something like a plain edge Delica gets an "Ugh! Scary knife!" reaction from a fair number of people I know. I, in turn, don't really understand why I am repelled by a Pocket Hobbit, but the Spyderco Civilian has an odd appeal to me, and a classic Japanese sword is a thing of beauty and a joy forever, though all three were expressly designed for use as deadly force, as was that elegant leaf-shaped dagger of Elvish making, that glowed blue when Orcs were nearby.

I guess if we all had the same tastes, there would be a lot fewer knives to choose from.

Chai Cutlery

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The idea of retro fitting has been brought up and because of the expence of the parts which would be both scales, the slide bar, spring and lock lever a kit would be around $20.00 dealer cost. Because we can are always in a back log situation, for us to do the work it would be impossible at this time.

Bob Taylor

As a long-time observer of the Hobbit condition, I agree that they would not choose such agressive-looking equipment. My tastes also run to the plain-edge, drop point utilitarian. I ordered a REKAT utility Kneck Knife yesterday (and tried to order a Spydie
Moran from you, but you were off doing other people's taxes, a very Hobbit-like activity).
Hobbits would likely agree with the unknown author who said "The winner of a knife fight is the one who goes to the hospital."

That being said, almost any pocket knife is also Hobbit-like to its core: a heart of steel inside an unassuming exterior.


If someone someday makes a blade that will give off a blue glow when orcs (bad guys) are near, I'd pay a heck of a lot for it. Also, some nice runes describing the lineage of the knife would be pleasant. Heck, throw in some body armor made of mithril and I'l really be ready with checkbook in hand!

One ring to rule them all...

Hobbits would use a serrated knife for bread, and a plain edge for cheese.

I too would prefer to see rolling locks in some more utilitarian designs. With a full spacer, pocket clip, and an opening hole.

Well, I own a black coated pocket hobbit with pocket clip, part serrations and the lever lock. This thing is awesome. It's so tough I would use it as a hammer if need be.

In my humble opinion, it is probably the toughest folder on the market, bar none.
Bob, thanks for the reply. $20.00 dealer cost isn't that unreasonable. I was thinking of the parts in kit form and I would do the work. Let me know if you ever get to the point that you can do this.


Only Sharp Knives are Interesting!

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Here's a little challenge for you Hobbit fans. I have a Hobbit without a clip. I haven't been able to get a response from REKAT about getting one put on. The knife is great, but heavy in my pocket. Any ideas on a comfortable way to carry it without the Kydex sheath (which tends to upset people)? Up 'til now, I've just been putting it in my waistband, but I'm afraid it'll get lost.

Well, fred, my pocket clip Pocket Hobbit is heavy as you know. When I wear jeans it is no problem. But sweats or light pants are out of the question and a belt to hold any loose pants up is a must. If I wore these on a pair of sweats I would be in jail for indecent exposure, because this heavy knife would no doubt pull my sweats down easily.