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Pocket Protectors

Oct 14, 1998
I have this problem with my daily carry knife. It sits in my back pocket and gets pulled enough to put some wear on the pocket. I know others have this problem too. Sing recently posted that he's moved his from the back pocket because of wear there.

Does anyone make a pocket protector for back pants pockets? This would be kind of like what engineers used to wear in their front shirts pockets. You know, where they keep all their pens and other engineer stuff.

It would have to be something which stayed put, but let you pull your knife out without pocket wear. Just wondering.
Several weeks (months?) ago, I posted about a pocket holster that I had made. It holds all of my stuff (flashlight, knife, leatherman) in a position that keeps it ready to grab and keeps it from wearing out my pockets. Do a search for pocket holsters and you should find it!


After reading the Pocket Holster post it inspired me to create a pocket organizer. The most practical material I found was Duct-Tape. Soft, inexpensive, no special tools needed, and already in the garage! I wanted to position my Case pocket knife, Zippo lighter, and mini Mag light in the upright position. By taking a strip of tape and folding it sticky side to sticky side I could create non-sticky material. I wraped this around my Case knife leaving it lose enough that it acted as a holster. I then used a small sticky strip to hold it in this shape. After creating a holster for each item I wraped a final sticky strip around all three. I then had a holster that could hold all three items side by side and keep their length vertical in my pocket. Since then I have retired my Mag light with a Photon light. It was no problem to pull the tape up and remove the maglight holster. Adding space for another knife should be no problem. I have plenty of Duct-tape.
Sorry, I must have missed your post canis. I'll check it out.

Thanks, dino sounds like something that works.

Yeah, that's the ticket. The holster is a good idea.

I think if I just add a little leather lip, a little wider than the pocket clip on my big folder, over to the right side of your holster, that will give me what I need/want. The leather lip will fall outside the pocket and hopefully not be too obtrusive.

The holster by itself might pull out when I pull the folder, unless I take the clip off altogether. I think I like the security of the clip, so adding the overhanging lip keeps the security and protects the pocket from wear. It might work.

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Great! I hope it works out ok for you. Mine has really reduced the amount of fumbling aroundin my pockets for my daily carry stuff!


Chris Canis
I have put patches in some of my jeans pockets. Just get some denim patches, cut a piece to fit the inside of your pocket, and iron into place. Reduces the wear factor on my good jeans. Just an idea.

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Iron on patches are great for jeans and really inexpensive. I have used them before, and will again.

Thanks Blades - I second your recommendation.

The pocket protector thing could be used on my work pants as well. These are more like dress/semi-dress pants which wouldn't look quite right patched!
I sew a small strip of material behind the front pocket of my coveralls. my knives with clips are right were I want them to be, and the clips are concealed and won't scratch anything I lean up against. This can work on all your pants pockets.
Hope I help,
I suppose that would look funny. A stiff piece of cloth on some Dockers. I didn't think of that. You can tell I usually wear jeans.