Pocket Sized Knife Sharpener?

Apr 29, 2000
OKG & Others –
As John pointed out, when we’re in the field (or on the job, or just hanging out), we often have others with us (sheeple or knife-carrying/using knon-knuts) whose cutlery often needs a touch-up or some fairly serious sharpening. I, for one, would not want to lend any of my longed-for, sweated-for, panted-for blades to such an ignorant (“It’s just a lousy knife, and you paid how much for it?!?!”) individual. <How do you do a "scared" smiley?> Now, if I don’t want to carry a “go ahead and trash it” variety (not POG; name brand blades – but cheaper) for each companion, and I likewise don’t want my friends to use dull (and thereby potentially dangerous) knives, I, being the friendly type of friend that I am
, should at least sharpen whatever they will be using. That is not always possible to do before you leave home. Therefore, having some sort of sharpening tool on your person (pocket, fanny pack, briefcase), is a good thing to do especially to better befriend sheeple, as John mentioned.

I agree with you, OKG, that a knifeknut would never leave home with a dull blade, unless he/she was a dull-witted knut.
Personally, I’m never caught without more than one blade. And the longer I think I’ll be gone from home, the more blades I carry (with the exception of hiking wherein I choose carefully and go light, and carry a light portable sharpener from Razor Edge Systems called the “Handi-hone” [here for the kit: http://www.razoredgesystems.com/catalog/kits/reskskit.html and here for the hones alone: http://www.razoredgesystems.com/catalog/hones.html ]). (One thing about Razor Edge Systems kits: they provide small "guides" or clamps that clamp onto your knife's spine to help you get the right angle in your "free hand" sharpening!) And your point about numerous knives in the display case and a possibly dull one in the pocket is a sharp one. I never buy knives that I won’t use. If I think it’s too pretty/expensive to put to hard use (not abuse), I don’t buy it. Though it wasn’t always that way. In days gone by I was a collector, buying for only visual stimulation (knifeknut “eye candy”). But those days are gone (as are those knives).

Alas, I’m rambling. Enough said for now.

May all your Christmases be sharp-steeled ones!

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