Point taken, Rick

Dec 31, 2002
I guess there's some validity in using a special quenching oil then. I'm a real purist in the sense that I like to use a lot of the old ways of smithing and mechanics. Maybe you can say I'm a traditionalist. Where can I buy this oil?

Hey Jeff,

Thought that I might have offended you with the last post. I don't know your location, but, I am in Utah. If you are close enough to ship to economically I will sell you some of mine when I get it. Otherwise, I finally tracked it down through this guy at Chevron/Texaco, he could set you in the right direction to get you in contact with a local distributor near you. Here's his info:

Greg Cooper
ChevronTexaco Global
9401 Williamsburg Plaza
Suite 201
Louisville, Kentucky
Tel.: 502 420 7171
grec@chevrontexaco.com <mailto:grec@chevrontexaco.com>

From the email that he sent me, he said that they are going to continue to make the type A oil, so it should be available.

Good luck, let me know if you want some of mine. FYI, it was going to cost about 28.00 to ship 4 gallons from Utah to West Verginia when I checked it out for someone else:eek: