polihing a blade?


Jan 31, 2001
hi how ya doing? i have an OLD gerber MK11 fighter, i bought new in '69 - it has been carried quite a bit, and stored for several years recently - when i pulled it outta the safe it was stained from the blade being in contact w/the sheath - some surface rust, but very light - what the heck should i do? started to get out the 'ol dremel w/a sanding disc but thought better wait and see - have tried rubbing w/oiled cloth and while it takes off the rust it doesnt help the stain - it was stored for about 4 years - i dont really care about the stain that much, but would like to remove it if i can - dont wanna risk messing up blade - and why in the heck is this 1 so hard to sharpen - is it the blade angle? its the old curved in model and have had a long time - still have the price tag lol, damn thing was $39.95 in '69!!! wow !! but has been a good 1 - any suggestions appreciated.........

As far as light surface rust and stains I would recommend flitz or simichrome polishing paste. Both are excellent.
Flitz is very good stuff. Don't store knives in leather anymore, as the leather will stain a blade (even stainless!) I don't know why your Mk II is so hard to sharpen. I suspect the edge bevels are thick. How are you sharpening the knife?

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