Polished DLC

Jun 10, 2012
Have any of you guys heard of polishing DLC coating? If you have any info on it please chime in. This is a video of a knife that has the DLC blade polished and im wondering if its the same stuff KAI uses.
That is a pretty finish, reminds me of the brilliant blued finish on the Colt Python/high value revolvers.
That sure is nice. Going to have to look up these Rockstead knives now ><

edit* omg the price. slowly...backing...away...
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This information is direct from Jimmer_5 over email. I can't say if they use the same coating as KAI though. I hope it helps! ~Kirby

To understand this finishing process, you need to know that some finishes are more opaque and others have more of a translucent effect. For example, Cerakote is more of a painting process, and the finish is more opaque. In the case of DLC, the finish is somewhat translucent - this means that whatever finish you have underneath it will be visible. If you beadblast the blade, you will get a matte finish. If you polish the blade, you will get a shiny finish. A shiny DLC finished blade would have been polished beforehand to achieve the shiny black DLC finish.
That would be a great treatment for a ZT!

I have a Centofante - this picture shows just how smooth the polish is on the DLC handle (blade not coated) - The handle is so reflective that it looks like it has the same texture as the oak tabletop that it is reflecting.



My work Blur has become shinny-ish along the cutting edge from use. I think if you put a buffing wheel to it you might get it to shine up some.

Thats an expensive knife, dang
TDLC (Tungsten Diamond Like Carbon) is actually a Tungsten Carbide (WC) coating which is applied by PVD (Physical/Particle Vapor Deposition). This material has an HRC (Hardness Rockwell C scale) of about 72 and a Vickers hardness (Hv) of 1800. TiN (Titanium Nitride) is about 82 HRC.