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Polished SAK

Aug 30, 2006
I was just wondering if anyone has polished the aluminium scales on their SAK? I just aquired a pioneer and I cant deside if I want to try and polish the scales or not. If you have and happen to have a picture of it could you post it up?
I'm not sure what you are intending to do. How do you intend to polish the handle? Is this along the lines of cleaning? Does this involve removing the finish, or trying to polish the finish already on the handle?
Unlike the surface of stainless steel, the surface of the aluminium handled SAKs are treated so that they are harder and more resistant to wear (by a good deal) than the metal beneath the surface, so polishing involving removing the surface layer would be a mistake for most of us (without some way to get around this). This is the reason that I am a bit puzzled on your meaning, ghostguy6.
basically i was planning on buffing the the alluminuim scales to a chrome like finish rather than the oxidized or sand blasted look it has now