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polishing cocobolo rosewood?

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I just sand it to 800 and polish it on a linen wheel with white rouge.
You can hand sand it to 6000 ,if you like ,and it will look glass smooth.

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It can be sanded to 400 grit and buffed to a high gloss or even waxed to bring up a high gloss after sanding to 800.
Wow, a question on this forum that I can answer instead of asking! *LOL*

I find that I get the best finish from cocobolo by sanding it with progressively finer grits until I finish with 1500 W+D. Not having a buffer, I then give it a good hard rubbing over with a pad of cloth loaded with a little cutting paste. This process brings the wood up to a lovely deep shine that lasts. For an even better lasting shine I will rub with Tung oil or Danish oil.