Polishing compound

Oct 6, 2000
I have an old, 10" blade Pakistani knife that I bought at an antique store. It came with some rust on it. I got that off with steel wool. The only problem is, that it has a lot of black tarnish on it that is not removable with steel wool. It also (had) some bumpy areas, but I removed those with my new friend, the Dremel

The question is, where do I get some sort of polishing compound (to use with the polishing wheels on my dremel) that can remove the tarnish?

Dont use a dremel to polish. It will take forever, believe me i tried!

You have a few choices. 1, get a buffer, 2, get buffing wheels and mount them in a hand drill, 3. hand sanding

hardware stores or jantz supply sell the buffing wheels and compounds. jantz also sells a whole kit with wheels and compounds. hand sanding is another way to go, using sandpaper from 220 up thru whatever you want. 1200 grit looks nice, but takes forever
All that takes is elbow grease, sandpaper and a sanding block and time.