Hello again, please folks don't think I ment any harm, or insults to any other knife companies. This is just my opinion, and I think some of the forumites are way to finicky about Benchmades quality, by this I mean, the grind lines slightly off, minor mis-allignments, you know, minor stuff. I do however understand why some of ya'll might be finicky, you earn your money, and you want to spend it on something that is the best for the lowest price. In my opinion, Benchmades is #1, i'm sorry but in my experiances, and breakage tests, benchmades knives are quite strong, and the locks do not fail-the biggest factor to me is how strong the lock is. Sal, I don't mean to you that I might be putting your company down, but I like Benchmades, there more for a knife-fighter, sorry, just my opinion, although your Military is one fine knife, i found much more screwed up grind lines than any of my AFCK's. For instance, on several i've held-Newer models, the spine looks like it was hand sanded with 120 grit sandpaper, the G-10 is faded, the finger choil on the blade before the edge is hand sanded, the flat grind is way off, the spine of the blade is not straight, it's slightly off, and several more things, but I love the knife, and it is my best utility, but I go for the AFCK more, sorry. Although I can't wait to get my centofante II, and give ya'll my review.
My only real experience with a benchmade is actually a friend's experience. His linear lock broke when he was using it to hack away at a stick of some sort. Don't remember the exact details, but he said the linear lock broke on him...
I had a Benchmade Emerson design CQC-7 and the blade constantly chipped. I called the Benchmade warranty department and unfortunately they don't make these anymore. All I had to do was pay for a new blade and they would send me a Stryker as a replacement. I just mailed the knife out but was assured that I would receive the replacement within 13 to 14 working days. If all goes well I think they treated me pretty darn good, after all my knife was about 2 years old. Also the warranty department does read all of the positive and negative columns on Blade Forums. As I was voicing some of my concerns about what I had read in the Blade Forums I was told that they read them and are aware of the different views.
I appreciate your concern!!! We must keep any and all knife manufacturer on there toes!I personally think this keeps good quality knives coming out to the market place!!!!! Thanks again!!!!!