POLL:What music do you like???

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Mar 19, 1999
Me, i love hard rock/heavy metal, my fav's are below....

Rage Against the Machine
Rob/White Zombie
Alice in Chains
Limp Bizkit
and nobody, nobody beats Pink Floyd, they are just so different than any other band on earth.

Favorite songs.....

Metallica-"disposable heroes" "fight fire with fire" "fade to black" "nothing else matters"

Rage Against the Machine-"year of tha boomerang" "freedom" "bullit in the head"

Rob/white zombie-"superbeast" "dragula"

Alice in Chains-"angry chair"

Korn-"dead bodies everywhere" "justin"

Limp Bizkit-"counterfeit" "stuck" "stalemate"

Pink Floyd-"welcome to the machine" "great gig in the sky" "comftably numb"

Sorry this is way off topic, i just wanna here your tastes, thanks.

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I like Modern Country, Pop Music, and Rock from the earlier years of my life. Many artist and groups from each of these catagories I do like.

Favorite Country Artist: Shania Twain
Favorite Pop Group: Back Street Boys
Favorite Rock Group: Lynard Skynard (Don;t think I spelled that right)

Depends on what mood I'm in at the time to as which I listen to.

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Classic rock rules, it's the basis of nearlly all you wipper-snapper's music. (With the exception of "da blues", which is the mother of all cool music.)

and the new wave stuff,
Talking Heads

and of course FUNK

Just about anything except Opera!


It all hinges on the word "like." In my experience people who say they "like" Metallica or Dixie Chicks (as two examples) are usually using the word "like" in a completely different way than are those who say they "like" Bach or Coltrane or Medieval wind bands.

Almost by definition certain kinds of music are designed mainly for markets demanding consumables, while other kinds are/were created outside the make-a-buck business world for other motives entirely.

With some kinds of music you'll really disappoint yourself if you try to go into it deeply because it wasn't designed for that kind of thing and you're asking it to do things it wasn't made for. Other music can't really be "liked" at any meaningful level without study and deep exposure, because it was created with deeper, more comprehensive intentions.

My question, then, wouldn't be what kind of music do you like, but what do you expect music to do for and to you?

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