Poll: What pivot lube and blade treatment?

A vote for Breakfree CLP. Use on firearms, knives, tools. Very happy with the lack of result and the smooth actions of all. (SIGS work better when they're sloppy!

Hmmmm... I use mineral oil exclusively, any more, as a protectant, especially on my high carbon steel blades. I used to use "Rain-X" as a protectant; I've never seen any product work better. I know it's for windshields, but it leaves no tangible film, while preventing rust. It became an issue when I needed to cut food.

As far as lubricants go, I don't hold well to wet. I still prefer the old graphite powder, as it doesn't retain dust particles, and clog up the works. I've used most everything; for a lazy man like myself, I prefer the minimal takedown approach.


Bluehinder; great site at LPS. They have a lube for everything! Your URL is nas gut, however. Just chop off everything after com. and it works fine, however.

LPS 1 and 2 clearly are thin film products. LPS-3 is a 'healing film' type lube/protectant, and has no counterpart in the Sentry line of which I am aware, but there are other 'healing' lubes/protectants (and I wish I could think of some right now- sorry).

However, there are lots more lubes there; some I have never seen before: Li grease with Teflon (r)! Cool site; highly recommended reading.

Oh, BTW; Cougar and other mineral oil users; I have absolutely nothing against mineral oil, in fact, I think that the members who use it are some of our most 'regular' members. But we're talking KNIVES here, guys, so kindly keep your information about your GI tract out of this discussion.

Sigs work better when they're sloppy?


What are you talking about?

Ron Knight

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Lubes. that I use
1. Tri-Flow
2. Rem-DriLube
3. Gunslick Brand Tri-Lube
4. Pro-Shot All Weather Oil
5. WD-40
6. LI Grease
1. Silicone Cloth
2. Browning Barrier Cloth (Extreme Conditions)
3. Some of the Lubricants also are used as protectants.