Ponderings on the Pocket Hobbit

Apr 18, 1999
Since their introduction, I have wanted a Pocket Hobbit. For one reason or another, I was not able to get one....until last Friday.
Much to my delight, I was able to get a Blact T version.

In March of this year, my wife bought me a Carnivore as a birthday gift. That knife was initially quite gritty to open, but has smoothed up considerable since then. The Pocket Hobbit is also quite gritty at present, but I am sure it too will become smooth with use.

The reason I bring up the Carnivore in my Pocket Hobbit ramblings is to point out the fact that unlike the Carnovore, the Pocket Hobbit's scales fit the liners and the edges of the liners were nicely polished. Shiny liners do not much matter to me, but I know many people have criticized REKAT's attention to detail, or lack thereof, so I thought I would point these findings out. They seem to be turning out nicely finished knives at this time.

Everthing else about the new knife is great as well, as I expected it would be. Frodo would be proud.

On Monday I plan to contact REKAT to ask if they will make an inside the pants sheath for me.

Pocket hobbit is my all time favorite knife, it has the most ugly yet wicked blade, just how i like it
. And it also makes a "CHIN" sound when u flick it open, hella col knife. However, the lock on mine had some problem lately. Sometimes the pivot pin fails to turn, its like stuck or something, and the blade fails to lock at all. You have to pull the button all the way down to turn the pin again. Other than that, its a helluv knife.
Can't wait for my SIFU....