Poor business practices...

Jul 12, 2006
I've had a simple order in since November of 2009. I understand the recent relocation and life events the owner has gone through. I went with this company based on the reviews of all the satisfied customers who loved the end products. My order was far from complicated.

I have emailed, and I have called to a full voice mail over and over. No answer.

If your going to run a business, and you hit hard times then put something out that says so. Sick in the hospital? No problem. Family issues? No problem. Just put something on your website or company voicemail saying that due to problems outside your control orders have been pushed back 6 months or something to that effect. Lack of response or information is the same as saying I DON'T WANT YOUR BUSINESS.

I was very much looking foward to recieving this product and am greatly disappointed thus far. Hopefully, he and his family are all fine and this is a simple case of too much to do and not enough time to do it in.
I understand how you feel because I feel the same way when vendors do this to me, having said that I read somewhere that due to the amount of orders they are receiving from the military, they cannot keep up - which is even more reason to inform the buying public because when the military stops buying, guess where the business will be coming from, or not...

Not sure if its Kydex knife sheaths you want, if so there are some very good makers that I can suggest by PM from my own experience and some even have them in stock ready for immediate shipping.:)
My point exactly Falcor, a simple message saying they are behind and it will take a certain amount of time to complete orders would go a long way to resolving the problem. I ordered a Milt Sparks holster some years ago and right away, was told it would be a long wait. I was okay with that. I'd be okay with that in this case if I simply had some level of communication.
One whole year will have passed in just a few days and nothing to show for it.
Finally! 3 days short of a year I received the items I ordered. They do look like quality products.
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I placed an order in March (of this year) and got it in May. I would have got it sooner, but it went to the wrong address and bounced around a little. I do have to say it was worth the wait, top notch quality.