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Popularity/RR of Victorinox Huntsman

Feb 18, 1999
It seems from reading posts here, as well as reading in some magazines, that the Victorinox Huntsman SAK is particularly popular. I have models with more tools and models with fewer tools, but am curious about it's seeming special popularity.

I do think in the outdoors it would complement perfectly the Leatherman Pulse tool...the Huntsman has a wood saw, scissors for fine cutting, etc. The Pulse has a Phillips, metal file, slightly heavier-duty scissors, pliers, etc. But regarding the Huntsman's corkscrew, is there a use for it besides removing wine corks??

Any opinions or comments on this model appreciated.

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Jim, there were several threads about the SAK corkscrew usefulness, the most recent is still active on the Wilderness and survival forum:
If you want most of the Huntsman's features together with some of the Pulse's ones, you may use the Swisstool X. The pliers are not needlenose but very close. The metal file IMHO is better on the Swisstool. If you do not like the corkscrew, it has NO any. And it has a very goood chisel.
You may find a good price at:
If you look for the Huntsman, check out
It is available with the new translucent cellidor handles as well as with the more rugged, slightly rough surfaced nylon scales too (check out the so called Economy knives line (Victorinox) at the advanced search function). You may wish to take a look at the silver alox handled Pioneer line too: they have at least two models which have saw but no scissors or corkscrew ( formerly known as Farmer models).
From the Huntsmans for regular outdoor use I would take the one with the Economy handles: they are much less slippery than the cellidor or even the metal scaled ones.
BTW thank you for your former posts about SAKs, they and several others from other forumites (mnblade etc.) got me to receive some nice SAKs from Santa Claus
Thanks for the links and info, very helpful.
BTW...glad to hear Santa paid you a visit with some SAK goodies!

Any of the SAKs with a saw blade are among the most useful items to have in the woods. The Huntsman is one of the best overall models. The corkscrew/eye glass srewdriver feature is a real winner. The corner of the large screwdriver will turn a pillips head almost as good as a regular phillips screwdriver.