Porch Generosity

Jul 16, 2018
A while back, I mentioned in a post that I was planning to buy a Case Teardrop CV Wharncliffe, which only comes in chestnut bone, when I had the funds. I was contacted well afterward by Will Power @Will Power who said he had something he wanted to send to me, but didn't want anything in return. I wasn't sure what he was sending, but I gave him my address and guess what showed up all the way from Finland? Thank you so much Will. I can't remember being gifted a knife since I was a teenager, so I will treasure this great gift! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::D

Will is a very generous guy. He gifted me the antique bone mini Copperhead that is paired with the matching wharncliffe mini trapper from Jason Baker. These can be seen in the notable pairs thread. He's a great guy and a huge asset to our forum here.


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