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Portable sharpener

May 9, 2000
I am looking for what you guys think is the best portable sharpener. Price is not that important, quality and ease of use are.
This unit does not have to of the very small type, just so that it is not to bulky to carry with you.
Well, depends on what category you are wanting. You can go as compact as an EZE LAP credit card size diamond sharpener or a Gerber ceramic rod pull thru type that carrys on a key ring to a Diafold or DMT brands that folds out like a butterfly knife. I always have a small Lansky crock stick system in my gear bag where it includes 2 fine 5" and 2 medium 5" that is stored in its wooden base. There are 2 sets of holes bored in the base for 2 different angles. About the size of a toothpaste box. Not bad for about $18.


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The entire Spyderco Sharpmaker fits into its carrying case which is 1 x 3 x 7.5".

Depending on what you expect to sharpen, a pocket steel or one of those OTF diamond sticks might do the job, like touching up a camp knife.
If the Sharpmaker isn't too big, go for it. It is well-regarded by most here. But if you need something compact yet big enough to really use, look at these:


Called, "Handi-Hones", they are very thin and pliable. You can slip them into your back pocket and never know they're there until you need them! Though just for 'touch-ups', they are the ultimate in portability!

You can find them with the "guide" which clamps onto the knife to assist in 'free-hand' sharpening, here:


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GATCO Tri-Seps is also a handy, in the pocket sharpener which will handle most serrations as well.
I have a ceramic Tri-seps, which is like a mini-Sharpmaker, and also have the diamond coated model. Atlanta Cutlery carried them pretty cheap.
The Gatco Tri-Seps looks very interesting. I am also looking at the Lansky Crock Stick Wedge. Has anyone had experience with this sharpener?