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Possibles bag/kit

Jun 14, 2005
There have been some great threads lately involving BOB's and PSK's. Some have involved pictures of possibles kits.

I have always used my Kellty Redwing for my day/overnight pack, and my REI Evening star for longer excursions. One thing I have never done is carry a possibles bag. Something that I can strap to my belt in the rare event I lose, or am separated from my pack. Right now I always make sure I have my match-case, flint and mag bar, compass, SAK, fixed blade, and altoid tin with my PSK stuff either on my belt, in my pocket, or around my neck.

In the event I no longer have my pack, I am comfortable with what I have on me (although I would weep just a little without my axe:eek: ;)) I know it's never good to put all your eggs in one basket so to speak, but would like a small possibles bag that I can strap to my belt to stow the essentials.

You folks never let me down with advise so this is what I'm looking at now.


My question is, what do you carry and why. I prefer leather, but am open to any suggestions.
Haha, I get to show some more pics again :D
Personaly, I wouldn't use that bag, becuase I think It would be to big to go on your belt. I like having the smallest amount. So heres my little kit.
And ofcourse in addition to this I would have my fixed blade.



I carry thses things with me every time. Because of the same reason you do, in case all of my other things fall off, like my axe and larger "possibles" bag.
I like leather also, but is hard finding things like that off the net ( sometimes )
that is why I went for the tightly stiched nylon, water proof and pretty sturdy. If in the event I loose my axe and larger bag, and even my fixed blade,multi tool and Vic onehanded-fireman. I could still manage with this small pouch.
yeah, without giving the exact name, it cam from a certain,... home department store ;) 10 bucks, and I cant find made in china on it :D

oh yeah, it was a local store.
Haha, I get to show some more pics again :D

Then I get to post mine again too! :p

Sorry again for the crap pic.
This "mini" kit fits in the breast pocket of my jacket or on a belt with the velcro loop on the back. In the other pocket is a compass (brunton) and I keep a small flashlight on my keychain. When worn on the belt, its could easily be mistaken for a cellphone pouch.

The bag is a battery/memory card holder that came with my camera bag.
Rup, how does the leatherman hold up?

Its a tough little tool. I've found an amazing number of uses for it. The file is even coarse enough (on one side) to scuff pool cue tips.

Worst thing I ever had to do with it was remove a stuck cleaning rod in a muzzle loader. It wasn't mine. Another shooter at the range had got it stuck good. He asked if anyone had pliers or a multi-tool. The Squirt was all I had so we made it work.

The screwdrivers are quite tough as well. Much harder steel than the philips bit on my full size Gerber (which probably wouldn't even get into the double digits in the Rockwell scale :rolleyes: ).

I put a lanyard from my cell phone on it and keep it handy when fishing. Works when using smaller hooks on Perch/Panfish/trout.

Swiss mil-surp bag. Inside pockets and drawstring pouch, adjustable strap, loop on back to thread through your belt so it doesn't swing during rough going.

Aside from a cool nostalgic look I fail to see that a leather possibles bag is a really good idea.

If you Look almost anywear you can probably find a surplus or even modern molle bag that would be far more practical.

Look under medic bags, bread bags, gas mask bags, and possibles bags. I would avoid leather unless you are going for style.


I would also Give Max Expedition a look especially the versa packs.
I use a Maxpedition M2 belt pouch for my EDC and for it's relatively small size, it holds a lot of gear.
yeah, without giving the exact name, it cam from a certain,... home department store ;) 10 bucks, and I cant find made in china on it :D

oh yeah, it was a local store.

OK, Fonly, come clean. This is the second time you've avoided mentioning the store. It's the secret agent's store, right?

Doc :D
hehe,...... ugh, in not getting out of this one, Yes its HomeDepot

( I do not indorse this company, I am not affiliated with or to the owners of the company) :D, had to sorry guys.
Rupestris: gogosac or gogopac? (your kit pouch)

Oops...I guess I should read a little closer, eh? Never mind.
Thanks for all the responses. I'm going to hit the Army surplus here in town before I do anything. Appreciate the advise so far:thumbup: