Post 20,000! And to think....


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Oct 2, 1998
..... that just 2 months ago we were striving hard just to hit 10,000!

I'll tell you the God's honest truth: I used to be hopeful that the Knife Magazines would give us some favorable ink to help us along.

Now we're growing so fast, I hope that they hold off at least until we get our own server!

Another Milestone passed, another hurdle leapt, thanks to you all for helping support us!

We are without a doubt the busiest knife related website in the world, and without the constant good content, questions, answers and discussions, we'd never have gotten anywhere near as far as fast as we have. Give yourselves all a pat on the back, folks, you've done good.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Give us a pat? Why don't you give yourself a pat? Without you and Mike we wouldn't have anywhere to pat ourseleves.



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Yeah Kevin, what Greg from that cold far flung island off the coast of Alaska said!!! Hear! Hear! Great job guys!

Spark, I gotta say that I feel like we owe you for this site, since I have learned so much, just reading and participating. It's been great.
Great Job Spark! The folks at EDI appreciate your hard work,....we know Mike had nothing to do with it :^}.

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
President-EDI Knives
Keep it up Spark & Mike! You guys have done a tremendous job here with these forums. I like being here so much, don't know what I would do with out this place

Wish I could be here at night time and the weekends, too. By the time Monday rolls around, I have felt like I have been away for ages!


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I'm not surprised.
What with both QUALITY and QUANTITY working hand in hand over at this site.

Congrats, you guys.
Thanks for giving us a place we can call our second "home".

Let's go for 30T, shall we?

phew..all those senior members!...well i haven't been here really long...but thanks to ya i've much guyz, the info and discussions have been great...
*cheers bladeforums*!!!

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Thanks for a great site for us knife nuts. I have to thank all of the experienced makers for the help and advice they have given me. Great members are only a small part of what makes a site like this successful. The people like Spark and Mike are the big reason for the success.
Thanks again for a great site.
Mike C

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Spark, Mike,

Great work. You've helped make the world a smaller place. Because of this place I now have friends all over the world.

Thanks(from even further away Bob

Take care,

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