Post-Halloween Fun

Oct 12, 2001

More to follow this weekend if all goes as planned.

A couple weeks ago my wife bought a pumpkin to make a "real" pumpkin pie. It had to be cut in half before baking, and she was struggling to get a big kitchen knife through it. It was a pretty dense punkin.
While she's not much on my big knives (relative term, mind you), she actually said "Why don't you try out one of those big knives." :eek: It was music to my ears.
My choices were a 12" Sirupati, a Bilton, or Chiruwa AK. I selected the AK.
Since I was in the kitchen, I started by turning the pumpkin on its side and just chopping the blade into it a little. My initial thought was that I would just push the blade through, pushing down on the handle and the back of the blade near the tip. That would've worked fine, but then I heard the pumpkin calling out to be chopped in half. :)
So I took it out back, set it on some plywood, and whacked it on top, through the stem. A pumpkin is no match for a khuk.
mPisi, I'm looking forward to your report!
I sliced up about a dozen pumpkins with my Gelbu Special a couple years back. It was great fun. And within two days the deer had come and eaten all of the rinds.
How did the pie turn out? I don't like big pumkins for pie. I prefer the little "cow pumpkins," for eatin'
That's a 22" GRS by the way... I should have alot of frustration built up by the time I go to whack it...
Put a turban & a beard on it, park it on top of a scarecrow wearing an M-65 cammie coat, and hit it with righteous rage. :p

bismark77 said:
How did the pie turn out? I don't like big pumkins for pie. I prefer the little "cow pumpkins," for eatin'

It turned out great! The decal on the pumpkin said it was a "pie pumpkin", but it was larger than most of the pie pumpkins I've seen.
Cut it in half, seeded and de-stringed, baked the halves, scooped the pumpkin from the skin/rind, mashed it up & mixed with spices. There was an egg in there somewhere, too. Not as easy as opening up a can, but not hard at all. And I got to use a khuk!
With the kitchen potential of HI stuff, I'm thinking I probably need to get a Pen Knife or Bowie for that Thanksgiving bird. :D That'll be my excuse, anyway.