Post here if your waiting for a Kershaw or a ZT...

I have a ZT0770 preorderd.

By the way, that model was changed to have carbon fiber scales instead of aluminum. I preordered one from BHQ back before it was changed. My preorder still describes it as having aluminum scales. So is that just in need of an update on their site or did KAI actually do a run of the aluminum scales that will hit the market? I'm not really sure what to expect now. Given the choice I'd take the CF scales of course. The pivot hardware is sweet.
ZT0350TS is inbound.

Received my knife today, the F/F is top notch with a centered blade and zero issues. Too me, the 0350 is better to have in hand before making assumptions from photos. I wasn't really interested in this knife for years as I am generally not a fan of recurves, but I came into ZT ownership with a completely objective attitude, my first being a 0550 and now this one. I like the overall size and it rides well. it's a solid HD I just have to get the sharpening thing down on the SM.
I'm waiting for the thermite to drop. Looks like it may be a great work knife for me that won't make me cry if I lose it.
Waiting on a Mini Mojo from Jimw451, wanted one for a long time. Got a blem mini Cyclone black tanto serrated today.
Well I just got a skyline in the exchange section. So now I'll be waiting for it to come. Also forgot about the 566 and if I can find one a 454.
I have pre-ordered:
Cryo II

Hopefully getting on a list/pre-order for 801CF and 454.
ZT 0560BLK arriving soon. Don't have a 0560 but do have the 0561 and 0560CBCF.

Also, Kershaw Leek American Flag 1660FLG.
Argh def impulse pre-orders for the ZT0566 and ZT0801CF but I will be happy when they eventually come in haha
Waiting on a gen 1 0550 to go with my 0551. Had a gen 2 for a while, sold it, regret it, now want a gen 1 :D
pre-order a 0600 a long while ago.I will pre-order the future limited's when the pre-orders for them go live.I think I must-have a 454 and will jump with my CC in hand when the Pre-orders start.Are some still waiting on 0777's?Small batches?