Post your Becker knives pics here

I like it... We should get together and have a chop off ... The King vs. The Brute... We can get someone in shape to do the swinging , I'm thinking 91Bravo...
I’d imagine the BK9 would bite deeper, but the Brute would knock the chips out better. Hmm…
with factory edges, the 9 would likely win.
With user mods and a thinned down brute, it'd come down to the wielder.
Would have to agree with this.
My Becker BK-10 Desert Tan Crewman, bought from Brigade Quartermaster probably 20 years or so ago. Anyone remember BQ?


I also have a Becker Necker, but I *think* that someone decided they needed it more than me. :(
I have had MANY knives over the years but anytime I pick up my BK16 I realize if its all I had I would consider myself lucky. Sure wish I had kept the old stamped version but what are ya gonna do....I remeber buying a brand new stamped bk2 for like 60 bucks...a pipedream now.

This one has some red liners cut from a thin plastic cutting board, stainless screws, convex edge, and a ground down guard making it far more comfortable for carving. Love this damn knife, will have it forever.