Post your examples of "Reputation Point Abuse"

Discussion in 'Tech Support, General Q&A, Site Feedback & More' started by geothorn, May 31, 2005.

  1. Rat Finkenstein

    Rat Finkenstein Gold Member Gold Member

    May 18, 2005
    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    Get the platinum Membership, FRIEND-
    even with no membership, you can click on the "scales" on any of your posts, and instead of the usual rating window, it contains a list of the reps and comments that have been directed at that post. (it doesnt matter how long ago they were given. So I can only assume that with a platinum membership you will be able to look at the giver of every single chiclet you have recieved- as long as you are anal/obsessed enough (and you certainly are) :p Maybe then you can STFU already. :D

    edit: I was wrong, but you still should shell out for the Platinum! :p
  2. Nordic Viking

    Nordic Viking

    Sep 18, 2000
    Wrong, Platinum members can only see the last 5 rep posters. The other option only shows comments.

    ps. Don't call anybody bozo, jackass outside of W&C and the Cove !
  3. What happened to the entertainment for this evening?
  4. Rat Finkenstein

    Rat Finkenstein Gold Member Gold Member

    May 18, 2005
    OOPS! I thought this was W&C :eek: :eek: I will change it, sorry. Thanks for the info, BTW.

    Edit: I was linking to this thread directly, and perhaps I was misled by geothorn's continual use of the term "chickenshit cowards" :rolleyes: :D
  5. LaBella

    LaBella ←JerzeeDevil→ Moderator

    Jan 12, 2003
    I am not gonna pay a lot for this muffler!

    said it before, and Ill say it again!
  6. gajinoz


    Sep 2, 2003
    Calling people cowards is pretty easy to do from the safety of your computer isn't it! Pretty contemptible really.

    What you don't seem to realise, wrapped up in your little egotistical bubble, is that BF is it's own society with it's own culture and rules. If you don't like it, leave. Expecting everyone else to change to suit your expectations is naive and unrealistic at best!

    No, I didn't give you any red chiclets, signed or otherwise, you're not worth even that little bit of effort.

    BTW, congratulations, you're only the second person on BF to enter my own personal ignore list.
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  7. thombrogan


    Nov 16, 2002
    You won't get a lot, but you'll pay a lot!
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  8. Mike G

    Mike G

    Jul 15, 2000
    Are you really that obtuse that you don't hear what is being said?

    I'll happily spell it out for you. AGAIN!

    Spark, as well as the paying members, are what keeps this place open, and operating. Yes, it takes cash money to run this place! Server space, T-1 lines, software, ect are not free. This is why having a paid membership gives more priveledges than a non paying registered user. There are no banner ads, there are no auctions, or fundraisers, or raffles to support this place. The memberships, and Spark's wallet keep it open.

    Now, since it is Spark's site, he decides how it is going to be ran. he does take input from his moderator staff, and he does listen to his paid members. This is not to say he doesn't listen to members such as you, geothorn, but the people who financially support this site have more weight than those who don't. Understand? it is sort of like you calling your local 7-11 store, and bitching about the runny chili they serve for their hot dogs, when you haven't actually bought one. Comprende?

    Now, as I stated before, you have some remedies here. You can financially support this site by paying for a Platinum membership, you can call Spark on the phone, and talk to him directly, you can shut the hell up, and stop beating this dead horse, or, you can leave. You have no other options.

    Pick one of the options, and butch up.
  9. fixer27


    Nov 17, 2004
    Geothorn, sometimes a fool and his money are soon parted but in this case
    you enjoy coming here and posting. So why not spend the sum of 10 dollars
    and help support the place? I have been in on web communities that have
    folded and it isn't fun. You lov coming here pay the 10 dolllars or is the
    3.65 cents per day not worth it?

    GT you may think that I am against you nothing could be further from the
    truth. I did take the time to read your post analyizeing what I had posted.

    I have enjoyed your posts as being informational but you have chosen to
    make the biggest stink you can in the forum designed for newbies.
    That isn't right, you asked me about sus.per.collum and my answer maybe
    should have been your going to hang yourself.
  10. Sword and Shield

    Sword and Shield

    Apr 3, 2004
    I got one for a post on steel in General. I simply said I'd never had D2 rust. THe response? "Lies".
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  11. Rat Finkenstein

    Rat Finkenstein Gold Member Gold Member

    May 18, 2005
    LOL! that is pretty funny! "You Liar! I know you have seen it rust! In fact right now you are frantically scraping flakes of rust off D2! Admit it!" :p :D
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  12. LaBella

    LaBella ←JerzeeDevil→ Moderator

    Jan 12, 2003

    I couldnt help myself! all of you metalheads everywhere, unite!
  13. OilMan

    OilMan Gold Member Gold Member

    May 6, 2004
    It was sad to see Dave Mustaine crying in the Metallica movie. Funny, but sad. Megadeth has too many good songs to be crying about getting kicked from some other band. Girlyman. That's why eveyone hates Dave, not cuz he was kicked. Well, and apparenly he drank a little. :p

  14. LaBella

    LaBella ←JerzeeDevil→ Moderator

    Jan 12, 2003
    but MY message is clear?:confused:

    now you know why I do what I do, when I say what I say?:)

    its all fun!:eek:

    gay= dave for crying [i dont support metallish!T] sellouts!:grumpy:

    megadeth ownz metallica in the long run for me!:D
  15. thombrogan


    Nov 16, 2002
    In sheer musicianship, yes. In staying off of the crack pipe, well, we love Dave...
  16. LaBella

    LaBella ←JerzeeDevil→ Moderator

    Jan 12, 2003
    crack, heroin, booze...

    whatever it takes!
  17. thombrogan


    Nov 16, 2002
    I think it was in a back-issue of Rip that I read Dave Mustaine and Dave Elefson composed their first two albums ("Killing Is My Business..." and "Peace Sells...") after a roadie from Metallica dropped off a packet of unsigned, red chickletts.
  18. LaBella

    LaBella ←JerzeeDevil→ Moderator

    Jan 12, 2003
    now I know why they were so damn angry!!!:D
  19. Boink


    Jun 6, 2002
    I think the red chiclets are more like Sen-Sen, or perhaps that old standby candy, Red Hots.
  20. fixer27


    Nov 17, 2004
    What do you mean I don't beleive in God? Talk to him everyday
    What do you mean I hurt your feelings? I didn't know you had any feelins
    What do you mean i don't pay my bills? why do you think I'm broke?
    What do you mean I don't show up to work on time just not "your" time
    Tell me something it's still we the people....Right?

    If it hadn't been for "Master of Puppets" Megadeath would still be around.
    (providing they weren' too drunk of their backsides)
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