Post Your Photo, Round 2

Cameras don't like me much.
great stuff guys... always cool to put the faces to the names...:thumbup:

here's me at a recent weekend long, traditional archery 3-d shoot...:)


shooting some archery golf, which is has got to be one of the coolest things in the world..


and here's the rest of the crew..:D

Hey I finally figured out how to post a picture. Me and the better half.
Well, we may not be pretty (well, C Bryant does have purdy lips), but we have cool knives.

Quite a few CA people here I see...very cool.
right on Mike... nice to put the face to the name...:thumbup: i assumed you were a bit older..:eek:

Hey! Just because I'm short doesn't mean I'm a young'un! Trust me, the black & white photo hides the white streaks in my beard. ;)

I'll be getting carded at pubs well into my 40s - which aren't terribly far away ...


- Mike