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Jan 31, 1999
Moderators and others,

I think posting pictures related to a review enhances the review. It's much easier for the reader to see the pictures right in the thread though that takes time to load and takes up BF bandwidth. I tend to post one or two pictures and then provide links to my Photopoint album for reference.

Moderators, is there a rule of thumb about how many pictures to posts? Readers, would you rather see pictures in the thread or rather take the option of utilizing a link instead of waiting longer for a thread to load?



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Sing - There isn't a set limit on how many pics you post along with your reviews. Two or three pics mixed in the actual review text itself would probably be how much I'd post if I'd want the pics in the thread. Anything more than that would take longer to download. If its more than that, maybe providing the links to the pics on Photopoint so thast there is an option to view them or not. Personally, I'd like to see the pics mixed in with the text as long as they're not big. Thanks for asking and hope this info helps.

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Personally, I prefer links to the picture, instead of inserting it in the post. That way I can easily open the link in another window when I want to see the picture, but when I'm reading posts that occur lon gafter I read the initial post, I don't have to wait for pictures I've already seen. It's easier to post links, anyway, so I don't think anyone should complain


Thanks for the input. Sounds like a consensus so far.
Expect to do another review or two in next couple of months.


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Originally posted by sing:
It's much easier for the reader to see the pictures right in the thread though that takes time to load and takes up BF bandwidth.
You're right about the "time" part, but unless the images are somehow on they never pass through there, so that server's bandwidth isn't affected <small>(apart from the minimal amount of extra HTML pointing to the images)</small>.

My recommendation is include small thumbnails, which are themselves links to full size images. Half a dozen 3-6kB thumbnails doesn't take long to download and usually aren't very much compared to the rest of the document, whereas a single inlined 100kB is most bothersome, both time- and layoutwise.

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