Posting pictures....

May 10, 1999
It looks I am having problems with posting pictures that are stored on my Photopoint page. I did the same thing many times before with no problems but now....

When I post the picture - using ........ etc. I can see the picture only after it was posted. When I return to the same thread later, I only see the photopoint message: "Your picture is currently unavailable". But when I go to my photopoint account, the picture is still there...

Is that something with Photopoint or BFC software?


Photopoint is apparrently not allowing people to link to their images through other sites anymore.

I believe Photopoint took that privilage away on the free membership account. You would have to upgrade the Photopoint account to be able to link the photo like before they changed their policy. I rather pay Spark to upgrade the BF membership to upload photos. Don't need stinkin' Photopoint.
Thanks. I am building my own web site with pictures so I will not have to use the Photopoint.