Powerhammer linkage mechanisims

Aug 26, 2005
G'day all, just wondering peoples thoughts on the most effective power hammer linkage mechanisim for home built machines? I've gat clay spencers tire hammer plans and have been looking at buying a copy of the "Rusty" plans, however the top pivot spring linkage set up does not look like it would have the springyness or hitting power of the Little giant or bowspring style. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiance with both these machine types that can comment either way? Thanks for any replies, cheers:thumbup:

Dec 3, 2002
The rusty's Iv'e seen run where a little bouncy, but I think that is mainly due to the pitman arm flexing and lack of a counterbalanced offset pulley to drive the pitman.

If I build one I think it would be the bow spring style,

How ever Daniell Gentile over Don Fogg's forum has an improved rRusty design that looks real good>--->