PPT and replacement backspacers?

Daniel L

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Nov 2, 1998
Hi all - I've owned and sold a PPT when they first came out. Loved the designed, hated the heft. With the satin finished sprint runs available it's got me thinking again....

1. LOTS of people mention the heft and that they'd love it it was around 4oz. Why can't Spyderdo do this?
2. Is anyone making replacement backspacers?
3. Is it just worth taking a drill to the current steel backspacer?

Converting to standoffs won't help due to the pocket clip attachment...

I have a standard PPT and I searched for replacement backspacer, found a really old video of a guy who does mods (he's fairly popular now forget his name) . My conclusion though is you'd have to go custom commission.

I think it needs a clip mod too, that thing is TOO deep.
Yes it was STR who did a mod for someone... (I have some of his clips) but Steve is retired now :(
Funny, I have been contemplating the same thing for awhile now. Love the design but the weight and deep carry clip have kept me from keeping mine. Would love to see a back spacer mod for this design.
Yeah many people think the weight was a negative of the design. Interestingly they've done 2 sprint runs of the knife.
I didn't mind the clip itself, though I would have preferred a regular style 3 screw clip which I can put on an aftermarket ... but in the current design the end of the knife is cut out for the clip, and the clip is attached to the heavy steel backspacer.

Yes it's strange that it's been popular enough to warrant 2 sprint runs and yet the same complaint about the heft persists.

BTW does anyone have a pic of the PPT backspacer? Just wondering how weight I could drill out. I don't exactly want to spring $600+ for a full on custom in titanium!
Took a screen grab from
thanks to Nick Shabazz.

That backspacer is HUUUUUGE!! No wonder it feels like an anchor.... looks like pretty easy to hog out a chunk.

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It's a great ergonomic design in hand, and it slices very well. My original PPT is one of my sharpest spydies and that's the factory edge. I can see these things making it popular, but it takes some time carrying it to realize the deep carry clip and the weight are negative aspects.
I picked up a PPT S90V from the Exchange. It will be a while before I get it in my hands and then to machine out the backspacer.

I'll definitely weigh the spacer before and after and post results when done.