Practical Edged Weapons Seminar

Nov 10, 1999
For those interested-Go to the same subject on the Emerson Forum. I tried to duplicate it here, but my computer skills were overwhelmed. I almost did the Strider computer modification (WB in the Screen), but I figure this would be easier. I hope to see many of you there, it is going to be a real blast.-nyeti
There was talk a few weeks ago about a East Coast seminar, any further devlopments on this? Dates? Places? Names? Anything, or are we here on the East Coast just to aimlessly with reckless abandon hack and slash and stab with no guidance whatsoever?
The East Coast seminar is still very much "in the works". Everything has been more or less finalized except for the exact date...which Duane is currently working on. I was holding off posting anything until I had complete information. Hang in there...more details to follow soon (I hope).