Praise for the CS Gurkha Light Kukri

Sep 8, 1999
I found myself out hiking this weekend near a flooded lake (courtesy of Floyd)so needless to say the trails around the lake were often about 4 or 5 feet under water. So I had to circumnavigate these areas....that quickly translated into hacking my way through 10 miles of thick brush, downed tree limbs, and cutting poles for prodding my way through flood areas. After about six hours of this kind of work in wet swampy conditions my CS Gurkha Light Kukri performed like a real champ. It still had a great edge on it the next morning. After cleaning the blade w/ hot water and a scrub brush the only signs of any use were a bit of discoloration on the cutting edge which came off after sharpening...and a few minor scuffs on the blade coating. This knife is a real winner!
They are great, are they not. I have the LTC version, they're both great though. Might get a light one for myself too, just to have one...
I sure like mine. I love the black coated finish, and how it is screaming sharp. I believe one of the best fighters EVER created. Unlike other Kukris, because it is so light, it can be swung at blinding speeds. Heavier Kukris can also be swung fast, but because of their wieght, you can't pull back and swing several times, so fast. This thing seems to come alive in your hand.