Praise for the CS Gurkha Light Kukri!

Sep 8, 1999
I found myself out hiking this weekend near a flooded lake (courtesy of Floyd)so needless to say the trails around the lake were often about 4 or 5 feet under water. So I had to circumnavigate these areas....that quickly translated into hacking my way through 10 miles of thick brush, downed tree limbs, and cutting poles for prodding my way through flood areas. After about six hours of this kind of work in wet swampy conditions my CS Gurkha Light Kukri performed like a real champ. It still had a great edge on it the next morning. After cleaning the blade w/ hot water and a scrub brush the only signs of any use were a bit of discoloration on the cutting edge which came off after sharpening...and a few minor scuffs on the blade coating. This knife is a real winner!
Sorry Compadre...I posted it on both forums because I thought it would be good for a "Knife Review".
Thanks for the review. I've been toying with getting a Gurkha light myself. For the outback, I tend to be a machete guy, since I don't need the heavy chopping or splitting capability of a heavier tool like a full-sized kukri, axe, large bowie, etc.

I've been thinking the Gurkha light is thin and light like a machete, for great performance through brush and small limbs. But it's shaped like a kukri, so it might provide better chopping penetration. I may pick one up to see for myself!

anyone who's seen my posts about this light kukri will be bored by now. i can't recommend one; the one i got broke clean off near the handle with one swipe of a little pear tree branch, about 3/4" thick! if they had helped out with customer service when i wanted to trade up and charge the difference on my card for the regular heavy kukri, at least i would be able to recommend their customer service. they absolutely sucked when it came to helping me out. and i was as polite as could be, even though they admitted bad heat treatment, and even though they would make a profit off the heavy kukri sale. can say this: Cutlery Shoppe took back the replacement light kukri, this is all Cold Steel would do for me (i paid the shipping to send it to Cutlery Shoppe). took Cold Steel a damn long time to finally do that much. at first they said they had no record of receiving my broken light kukri. at that i said that i had sent it insured, etc. then they got back to me and said they did receive it, hadn't looked at it yet, would take a couple more weeks. this story goes on and on, sorry so long. but it just got worse from there. at least i have the heavy kukri from Cutlery Shoppe now, i do like that and it hasn't broken even with some serious chopping. just MHO.
Wow that really is a horror story....and that isn't the first one I've heard either. I believe it was Jeff Randall who had an LTC break that he was planning to evaluate because of a bad heat treat. Apparently they didn't waste any time replacing his though. Well all I can really say is when you get one of these blades and its properly made it will perform......I've put it throught the paces and it hasn't failed me.